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The Time is now.

Yalla! Let's go to Israel!


our Trips

Birthright Israel

Your 10-day, free journey to Israel! Hop on the Spartans to Israel bus and experience the beauty of Jerusalem, the excitement of Tel Aviv, and the Instagram-worthy Dead Sea!

Onward Israel

Have you been on Birthright Israel? Spend a whole summer living and interning in Israel! Join a cohort based on your professional goals and spend up to 10 weeks hanging on the beach, eating the best food, and gaining awesome experience.

Fact Finders

Are you interested in gaining valuable leadership experience? Do you hold a leadership position in a large student organization? Join MSU Hillel for our annual Fact Finder's Mission to Israel, happening each December.

Let's do this!

To apply for Birthright Israel, click below and get started on your application!

about us

Spartans to Israel is a new way to think about travel to Israel. Sure, you can go on Birthright Israel with anyone, and you can still have a great experience. But rather than going on a trip with your two camp friends and 37 other random people, why not bring your camp friends on a trip with all of your MSU friends? Additionally, if you attend Michigan State and want to meet other Jewish students and make new friends, this is the trip for you! 

Spartans to Israel is run by Mina Fedderly, the campus IACT Coordinator. Mina is your go-to person for all things Israel travel and she would be happy to grab coffee and talk about Israel, Birthright Israel, or the best falafel stand she's ever found in Jerusalem.


Click the link below to email Mina for a coffee meeting.


"Going on Birthright Israel with Spartans to Israel was such a good choice. Not only did we have a blast, but I met people I wouldn't normally meet on campus."

-Winter 2017 Participant
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